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1. Shanggong Medical Info, Beijing received more than RMB 10 million Pre-A financing, in order to build a medical ecosystem based on AI technology

2. The Paradigm Shift Has Started 20 Years Ago in Dentistry – Lixin Zheng, DM Capital, Interview on Medical AI

3. The Constant Evolving Dental Industry: innovations in both technologies and industry philosophy 

4. Lixin Zheng of DM Capital: Become a growth partner of entrepreneurs and be a responsible minority shareholder

5. Lixin Zheng, Chairman of DM Capital: The Business Models after the Technical Singularity Points in Medical Industry

6. We have entered the Healthcare 4.0 Era: How should entrepreneurs seize opportunities? Hear from leading investors

7. DM Capital's friendly activist blueprint lays out the building blocks for success

8. Harmony posts strong returns based on friendly activist approach

9. The dental equipment industry will become the new core of Foshan's “Global Industrial Chain”

10. Lixin Zheng: The fourth force in M&A

11. Lixin Zheng of DM Capital: M&A needs “white hair folks”

12. Lixin Zheng, Chairman of DM Capital: PE Fund needs deep "industry wisdom"

13. Combining McKinsey Methods with Wall Street Techniques

14. SEQUOIA Capital led the investment, Asia Regenerative Medicine completed the Pre-A round of financing

      to promote the development of bioartificial organs.

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